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  1. Getting Started 

    1. 1 - Import your transactions
    2. 2 - Categorize your transactions
    3. Starting PocketSmith with only manual or scenario accounts
  2. Dashboard 

    1. Dashboard overview
    2. 'Alerts' on the Dashboard
    3. 'Your accounts' on the Dashboard
    4. 'Your active budgets' on the Dashboard
    5. Change the view of the Dashboard
  3. Account Summary 

    1. Add a new account
    2. Changing the details and settings of an account
    3. Change the name of an account
    4. Change the account type
    5. Move an account to another bank
  4. Transactions 

    1. Transactions page overview
    2. Importing transactions into PocketSmith
    3. Dealing with cash transactions
    4. Manually add transactions to an account
    5. Deleted transactions keep returning
  5. Bank Feeds 

    1. Setting up a Bank Feed
    2. Accounts don't appear immediately after connecting a Bank Feed
    3. Bank Feeds only imports last few months transactions
    4. How do I avoid duplicates when connecting a Bank Feed to an existing account?
    5. Creating or syncing accounts, once Bank Feeds are connected
  6. Specific Bank Feed Notes 

    1. Bank Feed known issues
    2. Chase, BOA - Pending transactions not showing
    3. KeyBank (US) Bank Feed instructions
    4. Capital One 360 Bank Feed instructions
    5. Adding the PayPal Bank Feed
  7. Transaction file importing 

    1. Best transaction file types to import, from OFX to CSV
    2. Upload a transaction file into an existing account
    3. Overlap options when uploading a transaction file
    4. 'Files edited in Excel may not work correctly' warning
    5. Reverse amounts checkbox for file uploads
  8. Calendar & Forecast 

    1. Using scenarios for forecasting
    2. Recurring budgets
    3. Budget periods for recurring budgets
    4. More specific repeat options for recurring budgets
    5. Applying changes options for recurring budgets
  9. Budgets & Categories 

    1. Setting up budgets and creating a forecast
    2. What happens when transactions are in different accounts, when the budget is only on 1 account?
    3. How do I find the actual amount vs budgeted amount for a category?
    4. How do I edit a budget?
    5. Adding new categories
  10. Net Worth report 

    1. Net Worth overview
    2. Adding an asset to Net Worth
    3. Adding a liability to Net Worth
    4. Changing the details of an asset or liability
    5. Manage money owing towards an asset
  11. Cashflows statement 

    1. Cashflows overview
    2. Hide an account or scenario from the cashflow statement
    3. Hide a category on the cashflow statement
    4. Summary section of the cashflow statement
    5. Change what is shown on the cashflow statement
  12. Income & Expense statement 

    1. Overview of the Income & Expense statement
    2. Hide a category on the Income & Expense statement
  13. Multi-currency (Beta) 

    1. Introduction to multi-currency support in PocketSmith
    2. How to set up multi-currency support
    3. Multi-currency features available in beta
    4. Caveats and to-dos for multi-currency beta
  14. Mobile apps (Beta) 

    1. Known issues for the mobile app beta
  15. Beta Features 

    1. How do I become a beta tester?
    2. I don't like purple, can I change the color?
    3. Safe Balance beta: what it does and how it works
    4. Safe Balance quirks and known issues
    5. Bill reminder emails
  16. Current Issues 

    1. Unable to drag-and-drop categories or the transaction pop-up doesn't show in Chrome
  17. Moving to PocketSmith 

    1. Importing your accounts & transactions from Mint
    2. Importing your accounts & transactions from Quicken
    3. Importing your accounts & transactions from Xero Personal
    4. Importing your accounts & transactions from your bank or another app
    5. Migrating from ANZ Money Manager, Step 1: Export your transactions CSV file
  18. Quick Start Guide for File Imports 

    1. Before you start: explore a sample account
    2. A. Set up your first account, and import its transactions
    3. B. Set up other accounts at the same institution
    4. C. Set up an account at another institution
    5. D. Set up your categories
  19. Mobile website 

    1. Clearing the Mobile Browser Cache
    2. Private Browsing and offline storage
    3. Tips for offline support in PocketSmith Mobile
    4. How to access PocketSmith Mobile with a Google-created account
    5. Why do I get "Mobile site not available if two factor authentication is enabled"?
  20. Managing your PocketSmith account 

    1. Change the email address on your PocketSmith account
    2. I've forgotten my password, how can I login?
    3. How do I change my password?
    4. Reset and clear your account data
    5. How do I change my subscription?
  21. All articles 

    1. Setting up a Bank Feed
    2. How do I set up account update emails?
    3. Setting up budgets and creating a forecast
    4. How do I set my currency?
    5. Using scenarios for forecasting
    234 articles 

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