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Allow budgeting on parent categories to aggregate sub-categories

The usefulness of the application would be enhanced if it were possible to dig further into categories, by providing sub-categorization for transactions within an overall category.

The main category would be able to be added to the calendar as a forecast event, but the sub-categories would be able to be used for further spending analysis.

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    AnonymousAnonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • BenBen commented  · 

        This is great, but for the benefit of other users, note that it doesn't handle annual budgets very elegantly - it just tosses them in that current month rather than averaging them across the year.

        I hear this will improve when bill management is built.

      • Alexander RikmanisAlexander Rikmanis commented  · 

        I can't agree more - it is really necessary to be able to make your budget consider all nested sub-categories as well.

      • alphavitalityalphavitality commented  · 

        Another linked request would be to allow comparison of categories by period. So to be able to compare 4 quarters or last 4 years. Need user defined period in terms of duration and number of periods to compare. Same feature was in Xero and allowed easy report comparing years

      • Phil Murphy +1300Phil Murphy +1300 commented  · 

        I'm surprised that the most frequently requested feature is still in development, especially as the parent /child category functionality is there. Is there a feasible workaround or alternative?

      • nzmchughnzmchugh commented  · 

        Has this stalled? I've been trying to work this one out so was glad to see it here. If it's a feature you're unable to create, what's the alternative? Had one category and then replace sub-cat with labels?

      • TarjeiTarjei commented  · 

        +1 - this is a pretty basic requirement, I only went though the help pages as I assumed I must have missed an obvious setting...

      • Darren StephensDarren Stephens commented  · 

        +1 on waiting for this. Budget progress by Parent as well as Pie Charts by Parent.

      • stevesteve commented  · 

        When having multiple categories roll up into a single parent category, there should be an option to only display the parent (which should be the aggregate of the sub categories) and not the sub-categories. This would avoid dashboard clutter, if needed.

      • AlanPAlanP commented  · 

        Any update on this? This seems to be a really simple but incredibly useful feature so why is it taking so long to implement?

      • Mark HazeldineMark Hazeldine commented  · 

        Could we have a status update on the one please? I have been waiting for this for about 2 years and I can't see the parent category budget graphs on the roadmap anywhere. Updating the UI is a nice to have, but I think this is a more useful feature than UI tweaks at this point. How long are we going to have to wait for this?

      • jhardingsmithjhardingsmith commented  · 

        The" drag-and-drop" , to create a subcategory is very tedious. After several attempts, I usually give up. Please make drag-and-drop simple, especially for older people. Using the edit function does not produce the sub category

      • Matt PlayneMatt Playne commented  · 

        This will be an incredibly useful feature when this gets released. This would make the categories and sub-categories 100% useful!

      • Bridie HardingBridie Harding commented  · 

        I am planning a wedding and have set up subcategories for each expense (photographer, venue, catering etc). I have an overall wedding budget that I want to keep track of, and have all subcategorised expenses included in the overall budget.

      • NickNick commented  · 

        This would be great. I'm always adding up restaurant, cafe and fast food expenses into an "eating out" category but something automatic would be golden.

      • gavin.tillgavin.till commented  · 

        It would also be useful if the parent categories appeared on the Earning and spending part of the Dashboard, rather than all the sub categories

      • thebilstonsthebilstons commented  · 

        Mmm... my husband is renovating and while I'd like to set an overall budget for expenses, I just dont want to budget at sub-category level. This is a MUST HAVE as is DISPLAYING categories and sub-categories in the order we create them - in cashflow and reports. Thanks!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I will also add my voice stating the obvious and hope you guys add this soon! Great product will become even greater!

      • berman78berman78 commented  · 

        I'd like to add my support for this feature. It would be an amazing addition to an otherwise fantastic product.

        Is there any information available regarding progress towards completion of this feature?

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