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Printable reports of transactions by category

We've had a couple of requests for PocketSmith to export income/expense reports of transactions by category for tax purposes.

A report would iterate through selected categories for a date range, and list a category's transactions by date, merchant and amount - along with its total.

Would this feature be of use to you, and what else would you like to see in it to make it useful to you? :-)

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    Jason LeongJason Leong shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • dbareisdbareis commented  · 

        I also want a REPORT (for printing), exporting would also be great but doesn't replace the need for a report

      • rebeccaflint01rebeccaflint01 commented  · 

        Hows this going guys? It was planned over 6 months ago... its EOFY for last year so really need to produce these reports.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        A save feature for the report like the filter save option. This may take into account ignored categories.

      • JoJo commented  · 

        Can't wait for this feature

      • alphavitalityalphavitality commented  · 

        Has there been any progress on this since it was promised nearly 2 years ago

      • derekslatterderekslatter commented  · 

        A really critical feature that should be available. As with many others here I had simply assumed it would be available, a bit like being able to present reports with months, years or quarters in columns.

      • Sean O'ConnellSean O'Connell commented  · 

        Hi there, The key reason I bough Pocketsmith was to keep track of the income and expenses in my small business. The whole point was to be able to categorise transactions, download the reports and compile the info for my tax. I am more than a little disappointed that this feature is not available and will have to find another alternative if it is not fixed.
        What is the latest update on this?

      • Ian GordonIan Gordon commented  · 

        Agree with last comment. I managed to work round this using search BUT Xero was much better as had P and L which compared years, could set date range and select different categories for the PandL. This allowed business categories to be easily selected and compared. Not only all this but could show transaction by clicking on the total in the report to easily drill down.
        I like Pocketsmith but it is being v slow to add this feature.

      • RaewynRaewyn commented  · 

        Agree with below comments. I need to be able to search categories by date range (which for me would be the tax year) then export the transactions to a report. I didn't realise I couldn't do this and I am worried about how I am going to do my taxes now!! Xero Personal allowed this and it made doing taxes a breeze. Where is this at? It looks like it's been a while people have been asking for this now...

      • smdempsey59smdempsey59 commented  · 

        Just coming to grips with Pocketsmith. All is good, but am having to produce reports as screen captures! An ability to print and export would be very useful. I agree with the many comments being made in this section.

      • alphavitalityalphavitality commented  · 

        James - I realise this work was started in Feb 2014 and I commented last on this in August
        How is this progressing - it would be useful to have available for year end reports, either Dec 31st or March 31st

      • 2ted2ted commented  · 

        Yes please vital for this type of software

      • Ian GordonIan Gordon commented  · 

        Nigel - I totally agree - and have made the point as forcefully as I can - I am sticking with it as promises have been made . It seems to me that Pocketsmith is very very good at pulling information off bank accounts, is very easy to use BUT it is very weak at analysis of the data. The whole purpose of an accounts package is to analyse data
        There is an urgent need not only for printable reports by category but also the ability to
        1) Hover over a category and do a screen report of transactions per category which can then be printed off if needed ( or edited if the category needs amended) - this feature is in Xero Personal
        2) Compile an Income v Expenditure report which list all categories ( and can drill down from there too) - again as per Xero Personal
        Without these features I find Pocketsmith increasingly pointless other than it is compiling and allocating transactions - which is useful - but unless i can analyse the data as requested i do not really see what the point of it is - I will keep it going for now but this needs sorting urgently

      • nigelfortescuenigelfortescue commented  · 

        Where are we up to with this?
        I just bought into PocketSmith as I thought you had this already and it is essential for me.
        If you don't have this I could be out as fast as I opted in.

      • IanIan commented  · 

        The programme is excellent as far as it goes - really good at allocating categories and dont have limits on category numbers
        BUT and this is a massive but -
        the reporting is VITAL to a good personal finance management package
        Xero Personal isnt as good in terms of categories limited and the way the transaactions are set out isnt as clear BUT you can do income v expenditure reports very easily including year by year and including drill down
        There is little point having such a good start to the programme if the reporting is as weak as it is
        If I am analysing what I spend on eating out or petrol i want to see that as a Income v Expense and then easily drill down per category to see where I spent the money

      • IanIan commented  · 

        Please enable this - its essential for pulling of data for tax where might be business expenses mixed in with personal and need to capture these

      • mminehanmminehan commented  · 

        I will also add my support for this feature. Printing and exporting (QIF) would be extremely useful. In my scenario is use Xero for my business and PocketSmith for personal accounts. I put business expenses that I incur on my personal accounts in to a specific category. Being able to export this category (within a specified date range) would be fantastic.

      • kerrie.colekerrie.cole commented  · 

        Absolutely essential- even an export to excel would be amazing. The graphs don't help me much, I need reports as soon as possible.

      • Justin HobsonJustin Hobson commented  · 

        Apart from printing reports, adding a feature to allow exporting to QIF format would be advantageous !!!!
        Currently most home user accounting packages fail to provide for live bank feeds, leaving a market open for PocketSmith to pull and collate all this data, but then being able to occasionally export it and then import it into home accounting software would be beneficial.
        This then allows people to have the benefits of online access to more current records and bank feeds, whilst also then being able to import it into home account software from where it can be stored long term AND used to do things like (depending upon your home software) automatically create data for populating annual personal tax returns !

      • GwynethGwyneth commented  · 

        Last time I logged in, this feature was pending....2 months later, I am still not finding a basic reports feature. Am I missing something? I am due to pay again (quarterly) in a few weeks. If there is no reporting, am afraid I will need to seek another application. Seriously, we all need to export profit/loss or income/expense to a tax guy..... am I missing something????? Please advise. Thanks!

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