Creating or syncing accounts, once Bank Feeds are connected

After your Bank Feeds have been connected, the "Bank Feed accounts" that were found will be available to you to start syncing with PocketSmith. 

To start, head to the Account Summary page and press display toggle on the righthand side on Ready to connect

The steps depend upon whether the account to sync with has already been imported into PocketSmith or not.

A new account which doesn't exist

If the account has not yet been created in PocketSmith, then you are able to just select the default options.
  1. Leave the Account drop-down as the Create new... default option
  2. Select your preferred balance from the Balance drop-down. If this is a debt account (e.g. a credit card, mortgage or loan) then you may need to select a reversed option to ensure that the balance amount is below zero
  3. Click the Create Account button
The page will then reload, and you'll see your newly syncing account at the top of the list of accounts. A spinner will show next to the green account title, when will switch to a bolt icon once transactions have been fetched. The account is synced up and ready to go!

An existing account (e.g. previously imported)

If the live feed account shown in the bank's tab is an account which already exists in PocketSmith (e.g. by migrating from another personal finance application), you should to select the previously created account to sync the account correctly. The options will then appear as below.

  1. Select the imported account from the Account drop down. It should appear in the drop-down's Available accounts section
  2. Choose a preferred balance from the Balance drop-down.  Debt accounts (e.g. credit cards or loans) may need to have a reversed balance option chosen, so the balance amount is below zero
  3. Check the date in the Import from field. By default, a recommended date will be inserted based on the last previously imported transaction. This ensures a seamless transition between old imported and new feed transactions - learn more about this feature.
  4. Leave the Clear account from first transaction? checkbox unselected, unless you need this option - learn more about this feature.
  5. Click the Create Account button
The page will reload, and the syncing account will have a spinner next to it while the latest transactions are checked for. Note that you may be notified with a "0 transactions created" - this isn't an issue, as you may have been up-to-date based on a previous import.

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