Importing your accounts & transactions from Xero Personal

A migration tool is available at which allows you to upload a Xero Personal CSV export file. Uploading these CSV files will create all of your old accounts, transactions and notes that were previously stored in Xero Personal.

Xero Personal has a limit of 2000 transactions being exported at one time (a recent phenomena, see here). Below are two sets of instructions, Option A for people with 2000 transactions or less, and Option B for people with more transactions.

We recommend you try Option A first, as it means you can get up and running all at once instead of dealing within separate account CSV files.

Option A: less than 2000 transactions in XP

This export option means all of your accounts will be created at once, with one upload. This may or may not work for accounts with more than 2000 transactions - it is worth a try. We also believe that if you have many transaction notes in Xero Personal, it is less likely that this option will succeed.
  1. Sign into Xero Personal
  2. Click this search button (on the top-right of the screen)

  3. Select all transactions using the checkbox on the top left

  4. Click the Select all... link

  5. Click Export and choose CSV (for Excel, etc)

  6. Wait for the process to complete and the Download button to appear

If you find that you've waited more than a few minutes and haven't been shown the Download button, follow on with Option B below.

Option B: more than 2000 transactions in XP

If you have more than 2000 transactions in Xero Personal, then it is likely that Option A will not complete. If this is the case, Xero recommend that individual Accounts are exported separately.

  1. From the Accounts menu, click the first account you'd like to export

  2. Go to the Account Options menu on the right, and select "Export all transactions"

  3. Once the file has generated, click the Download button to save the account's CSV file

  4. Select the next account from the Accounts menu in step 1 and repeat
Each of these separate files will be uploaded one at a time to PocketSmith.

Then, upload Xero Personal export CSV file(s) to PocketSmith

Do not open or save the exported CSV in Microsoft Excel, as the date formats will be changed even if no edits are made, and the import may fail.

With all your Xero Personal account history in CSV files, you can now upload these to PocketSmith by following these steps:
  1. Go to the Xero Express migration tool at
  2. Upload the CSV file that you downloaded from Xero Personal. The contents of the file will be confirmed

  3. Click "Yes, continue importing", and the import process will process your transactions

  4. Once completed, you'll be asked to enter the Institution and Balance for each account

  5. Completed! You can then either start to use PocketSmith, or upload another Xero CSV file

Next, try adding live bank feeds for your imported accounts, and then read through how to set up budgets and create a forecast and you'll be well on your way!

We hope that you enjoy using PocketSmith! If you ever have any questions as a former user, or find something missing in our Roadmap, please get in touch!

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