Importing your accounts & transactions from Mint

A migration tool is available at which allows you to upload a CSV export file. Uploading these CSV files will create all of your old accounts and transactions that were previously stored in Mint.

The below steps will take you through generating a complete export from, and importing it into PocketSmith to get you started.

Generating the CSV file from

This export option will mean that all of your accounts are created at once, with one upload. At the end of the process you will set up balances and institutions for the imported accounts.
  1. First off, sign into
  2. Head to the Transactions area from the top menu

  3. Click the All Accounts tab in the left-hand sidebar. This ensures you have all accounts selected for export

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the small Export all # transactions link on the right. Verify that the export number looks correct - if not check the "All Accounts" selection in the sidebar

  5. The file will then save to your computer, ready for upload to PocketSmith!
Then step through the upload process listed below to get this data file into PocketSmith.

Then, upload Mint export CSV file(s) to PocketSmith

Do not open or save the exported CSV in Microsoft Excel, as the date formats will be changed even if no edits are made, and the import may fail.

With all your Mint account history in one CSV, upload these to PocketSmith by following these steps:
  1. Go to the Mint Express migration tool at
  2. Upload the CSV file that you downloaded. The contents of the file will be confirmed

  3. Click "Yes, continue importing", and the import process will process your transactions

  4. Once completed, you'll be asked to enter the Institution and Balance for each account

  5. Completed, all your Mint accounts and transactions are now in PocketSmith!

Next, try adding live bank feeds for your imported accounts, and then read through how to set up budgets and create a forecast and you'll be well on your way!

We hope that you enjoy using PocketSmith! If you ever have any questions as a former user, or find something missing in our Roadmap, please get in touch!

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