Importing your accounts & transactions from your bank or another app

At this stage, there are no wizards available for importing from Personal Finance applications other than and Xero Personal.

This means that importing from another app (e.g. MS Money, Quicken etc, or your online banking) is an account-by-account process, with each being exported from the personal finance app as a supported upload file type - OFX, QFX, QIF or CSV. Then each of these separate accounts are uploaded into PocketSmith, one at a time.

The below takes you through the steps for this. If you'd like to see an all-in-one import process for your old Personal Finance application, please get in touch and we'll happily look into the options. For the most part, we just need access to a complete exported data file that we'd be able to develop the import tool from.

Importing data from another Personal Finance Application or bank

The methods that you export your files from other Personal Finance Applications will vary greatly from application to application. For the below process, you need to export your accounts one-at-a-time so they can be imported separately into PocketSmith. We recommend having a search on Google for how to perform this for your current application, if you aren't able to find the option for this sort of export.

We envisage all-in-one import processes for other personal finance applications soon, however we need to work with users for those applications to get this working. Interested? Please get in touch!
  1. Prepare your individual account file exports, in OFX, QFX, QIF or CSV format from your current personal finance application

  2. Log into PocketSmith and head to the Account Summary page by clicking on the link

  3. In the left-hand sidebar, use the Add new account drop-down to click Add new bank / institution

  4. Enter the Institution name of the bank you're about to import an account for, and under Start off with choose the Accounts from a file import option. Click the Save Institution button

  5. Then next, enter your first account name, and enter the starting balance of the account as at today. Click the Save these settings button

  6. You will then be shown a file upload form. Choose your file next to Select or drag file and the file will upload.

  7. After upload, you'll receive confirmation and the approximate number of transactions in the file. Click the Process uploaded file button

  8. A progress bar will be shown which will update as the file is processed. At the end of the process, choose the close this window link.

  9. First account uploaded! Repeat the above for each of the additional accounts that you have to import:
  • If you're adding an account to an institution / bank that is already been created, go the relevant bank's tab in the Account Summary. Then from the Add account menu in the sidebar, choose From a file import and continue from step 5 onwards

  • If you're adding another institution / bank, start from the All institutions tab of the Account Summary and follow from step 3 onwards again

Once you have all of your accounts imported, you're able to really get started in PocketSmith!

Next, try adding live bank feeds for your imported accounts, and then read through how to set up budgets and create a forecast and you'll be well on your way!

We hope that you enjoy using PocketSmith! If you ever have any questions, or find something missing in our Roadmap, please get in touch!

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