Accounts don't appear immediately after connecting a Bank Feed

After you set up a Bank Feed, some of your accounts may take a while longer to appear in PocketSmith than others. This is due to how the Bank Feed service retrieves them.

This is particularly the case between accounts of different types; for example a credit card account versus a bank account. All of your credit card accounts may appear, then your bank accounts, then your loans.

Generally, all accounts will complete refreshing and will be found within 10 minutes. However if you find that you are still missing accounts after 24 hours, get in contact with us and we'll investigate the issue.

Why does this happen?

Our data provider Yodlee views your single bank as multiple "content" sites, based upon the type of financial information (i.e. 'bank', 'loan', 'credit') which is being provided. So while you may login to your internet banking interface and see your bank accounts, credit cards and loans all in one list, the data provider provides access to each of these different "types" completely separately.

This means the data provider needs to separately log in to each "type" - so you'd separately fill out the same credentials for your credit cards, your bank accounts, your loans etc. This doesn't make much sense to us - you should only have to log into each site once!

So when you add a bank to your account and log in, we attempt logins at all of the "types" that are available at the individual bank site that you added. Because each of these are authorized and checked separately, each with return their respective accounts upon completion, and completion may occur a few minutes apart for each different type.

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