Applying changes options for recurring budgets

When you create a recurring budget, you schedule a start date, a recurring period (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc), and an optional repeat end date. When you save it, multiple instances of this budget are automatically created for you based on the schedule.

So when you edit one of the budgets (through clicking and editing, or drag & dropping) you will be presented with three options regarding how you'd like to apply your changes. 

Only this event (date)

This will edit the one occurrence for the date clicked, leaving others unchanged. In the background, the following occurs.
  1. An exclusion is created for the date selected (i.e. an occurrence of the budget will no longer appear on that day)

  2. A new one-off budget (with no repetition) with the edited attributes is created for the date selected.

All events, including the past

This will edit all instances of the recurring budget. This means that all scheduled budgets from the start date of the event up to the repeat end date (if any) will be changed, apart from existing one-off exclusions (e.g. from previous "Only this event" edits).

If the recurring budget began before present day, this means that the forecast figures for your scenario may change. This may not be an issue if:
  1. The scenario the budget belongs to is the primary scenario for an account, in which case the scenario's balance will be linked to the account's current balance.

  2. The scenario has a balance already set for a specific date.

This event and all future events

This will stop the current event series at the date clicked, and start a new one from the date that has been clicked, featuring the updated attributes and options entered into the event form.

  1. The original recurring budget gets repeat end date of the clicked date set, stopping it.

  2. A new recurring budget is created, starting on the clicked date with the event attributes entered. 

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