More specific repeat options for recurring budgets

When creating a budget, you may want more advanced repeating options

You can see expanded repeat options when creating or editing a budget by clicking on the 'More...' link.

This section allows you to set:
  • Custom repeat intervals, for example 2 months, or 3 weeks.

  • An end date for a recurring budget (the 'Until:' field)

So to create a quarterly budget, click 'More...', and set the budget to repeat once every 3 months.

You are able to set up a great range of repeat options using this system. PocketSmith does not yet support events which repeat on a number of specific dates throughout a month.

As a workaround, simply create different recurring budgets of the same name. You can find out how to set bi-monthly budgets in the article: Can I schedule payments that occur on the 1st and 15th of the month?

The recurring budget's end date

This is the date that this event series will stop appearing in the calendar. A budget will not occur on this date or any date following it. 

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