Clearing the Mobile Browser Cache

Sometimes you might need to clear your Mobile Browser cache, for example if there have been significant updates to PocketSmith Mobile and you aren't seeing them, or if the general layout is broken. Below are instructions for clearing your mobile browser cache:

iPhone / Mobile Safari

  1. Select Settings from the Home Screen

  2. Tap Safari

  3. Tap Clear Cookies and Data


  1. On the Home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone, click Browser.

  2. Press the Menu key, and click Options.

  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the options list where there will be a section called Clear Browsing Data.

  4. Select all options and choose Clear Now.

Android phones

  1. Open the Browser app

  2. Press the Menu key

  3. Tap More

  4. Tap Settings

  5. Tap Clear cache

If after you have cleared your browser cache things are still not appearing as you'd expect, please get in touch.

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