Private Browsing and offline storage

"Private Browsing" is a setting specific to iOS (iPhone, iPad etc) which can be enabled to prevent history and other personal information from being stored by Mobile Safari when you are browsing. While this protects your private information (for example, if you use PocketSmith Mobile on a shared device) it also disables a HTML5 feature which is used extensively by Mobile PocketSmith which allows offline support.

If you see a warning message on the PocketSmith Mobile settings page then we are not able to store any data on your device. This means that the application will not be able to be used offline, and the speed advantages of using caching will not be available.

Where is the Private Browsing setting?

To toggle Private Browsing on or off, navigate to the Settings app > Safari > Private Browsing on your iOS device.

I'm not on iOS - why do I see the message on the Settings page?

One of two things may be the case:
  1. You are on a device which has specific privacy or permission settings for storing data locally - check in your Settings or Preference areas for "local storage" settings or similar.

  2. You are on a device or a web browser that does not support offline storage.

If you believe that you are receiving this message in error, please get in touch with your device and mobile browser versions and we will look into the problem.

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