Tips for offline support in PocketSmith Mobile

PocketSmith Mobile is able to be used offline, without an internet connection. This means that after you've viewed a section within the mobile application, you should be able to visit that section again in the future, even if your mobile device doesn't have a connection to the internet.

Tips to get the application working offline

  1. Close all running applications on your phone, especially Safari (iOS) / Browser (Android)

  2. Make sure that your mobile browser cache has been cleared recently

  3. Browse all pages you'd like to be able to view offline

  4. You can check that things are working correctly by turning on "Flight mode" or similar and check that you can still access the app

Tips when adding to "Home" screen

PocketSmith works well when added to a phone's "Home" screen as an application on an iOS or Android device. To ensure a smooth experience, please:
  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 listed above

  2. Log into the application in your mobile browser first, and navigate to page you'd like the saved app to "start" from (e.g. 'Home' or 'Summary')

  3. Then add it to your Home screen

These steps are required to ensure that it isn't the Login page which is stored as the first page of the offline application.

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