How to access PocketSmith Mobile with a Google-created account

There are a number of technical complexities around offering Google Federated login for PocketSmith Mobile.

While we're working on these, if you've created your account via Google, you can access PocketSmith Mobile by creating a password for your PocketSmith account and using that to sign in.

  1. Make sure that you're logged out of PocketSmith by clicking here.

  2. Head to the password reset page, enter your email address and click Send me an email

  3. Click the Password Reset link in the email that was sent (subject: "PocketSmith | Password Reset Instructions")

  4. Follow the directions on screen to create your new PocketSmith password

  5. Log into PocketSmith mobile using your email address and this new password

If you don't receive the password reset email, please firstly check your spam folder. Secondly, please add to your email address book to ensure that the emails will be delivered, and then try again.

If you still aren't receiving the password reset emails after the steps above, please let us know!

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