How to group accounts together

You may want to group accounts together for different reasons, such as:
  • Grouping accounts so budgets apply to all of them, as a budget is only assigned to one scenario
  • Grouping similar accounts to make them easier to manage
  • At or near the account limit, as a grouped account only counts as one account
  • Group old accounts, to archive their transactions, see article: Archiving and keeping transactions for closed accounts 

Steps to group accounts

1. Go to the Accounts menu and select Account Summary

2. Locate the one of the accounts you want to archive, click MANAGE ACCOUNT and then select Group account

3. Select another account you want to archive from the drop-down and click the Group account button

4. You can now change the name of the grouped account, otherwise it will stay the same as the primary account. To do this, click change names to suit. This will preserve the original names of the accounts and allow a separate group name.

5. You can now change the name of the grouped account to something more relevant, and then click the Save button

6. You can then close the modal by clicking the X. You now have a grouped account :)

7. If you want to add more accounts to the group, just follow steps 1-3 again, locate the account you want to add in step 2 but select the grouped account from the drop-down during step 3

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