A. Set up your first account, and import its transactions

PocketSmith helps you organize your accounts in this manner:
  • Institutions

    These are your financial institutions, like your bank, credit union, or credit card provider. The Account Summary lists your institutions in the sidebar, so that you can easily manage all your accounts by each bank.

  • Accounts

    These are your bank accounts of various types, for example, checking, savings, credit card and loan. Each account belongs to an institution, and contains transactions (your history) and scheduled budgets (your forecast).
The first thing to do is to enter your first account into PocketSmith.

  1. Click the 'Make new accounts' option on the Dashboard.

  2. Click the 'Upload' option. This indicates that you'll be populating the account from a file downloaded from your bank.

  3. Enter the details of this account, then click 'Save these settings'

  4. Import a transactions file that you previously downloaded from your bank. PocketSmith supports OFX, QFX, QIF and CSV file formats - all of which are commonly used. 

  5. If you uploaded a CSV file, you'll be asked to identify the columns. Click 'Set up a new format'. This doesn't apply to the other file formats.

  6. You'll need to identify at least 3 columns: date, merchant and amount. As CSV formats differ from bank to bank, you may need to specify a few other columns, like amount type.

    Enter a name for the format, so you can re-use this for subsequent uploads for the same bank. When all the required fields are complete, the 'Save format' button will turn green. Click it to continue.

  7. When the format has been saved, click 'Process uploaded file' to import your transactions.

  8. A progress bar will indicate when the upload is complete. Click 'Close this window' to return to your PocketSmith account. You will be returned to the Dashboard, which will reflect the account and transactions you've just imported. 

Next step: Set up other accounts at the same institution

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