Reverse amounts checkbox for file uploads

The "Reverse amounts" checkbox which appears in the transaction file upload form should only be used when the amounts of each individual transaction is incorrectly marked as debit when it is a credit, and vice versa.

For example, some credit card providers may show an amount spent as 23.95 and a credit card repayment as -300.00. These are incorrect, and PocketSmith would expect the spent amount as -23.95 and the repayment as 300.00.

Selecting this checkbox fixes this when this occurs within an uploaded file.

This generally only happens for credit card accounts, and should only be required for manually uploaded transactions.

If you're experiencing a reversed balance issue instead, where an account that is in debit / overdrawn is being displayed as being in credit, please reset your account balance as per this article. Any other troubles, please get in touch with us!

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