How do I avoid duplicates when connecting a Bank Feed to an existing account?

When you are assigning a Bank Feed account to an existing PocketSmith transaction account, "Overwrite existing transactions from first live feed transaction" will delete all transactions from the PocketSmith transaction account that have a date after the first transaction in the Bank Feed account.

This prevents duplicates in your existing PocketSmith account and the Bank Feed service becomes the master source for transactions for this account.

For example, assuming today is the 28th of September:
  • A Bank Feed service account has a first transaction on the 2nd of September

  • A PocketSmith transaction account has months of transactions, and is up-to-date to today

  • Assigning this Bank Feed service account to the transaction account will delete all transactions in that account after the 2nd of September but leave all others.

Will I lose any data, and if so, how much?

The only data which would be lost from selecting the "Clear" option would be category-assignments made on the individual transaction level - merchant assignments will remain the same (assuming that the merchant name will remain the same). For most banks, the Bank Feed service can get up to a month of transaction history. This means that in general, you may lose category assignments on about a month's worth of transactions.

If you'd like to remain ultra-safe, just create a new account instead for the Bank Feed account and view the transaction dates to view how much information you may lose.

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