Add a new account

The Account Summary is where all of your accounts are displayed. They are organized in the sidebar by institution (for example, your bank or credit card provider).

When you add an account to PocketSmith, you can choose to add it to a new institution first, or to add it to an existing institution.

If you're looking to migrate your existing data from either, or Xero Personal, or another personal finance application like Quicken or MS Money, please check out our Quick Start Guides first.

Adding an account with a new institution

  1. Go to the Accounts menu and select Account Summary

  2. In the left-hand sidebar, select New institution

  3. Enter the institution name you're about to import an account for, and under Start off with choose the option for importing your account and then select the Save button

  4. Then next, enter your first account name, and enter the starting balance of the account as at today. Click the Save these settings button

  5. You will then be shown a file upload form. You can either follow the steps from here to upload a file, or cancel to import your transactions later. You have the choice of importing files, or manually entering transactions. If you're on a Premium subscription, you can also add Live Feeds, which can then be linked to this account.

Adding an account to an existing institution

The process is very similar to the above. You can do this in two ways. Either:
  1. From 'All institutions', or from the "Add new account" menu

  2. Or by clicking on the institution on the sidebar you want to add the account to, and using the 'New offline account' menu:

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