Deleted transactions keep returning

You may have some transactions in your live feeds that are irrelevant to your personal finances, such as business-related transactions, and so you want to delete them.

After deleting transactions, you may find that they're re-created the next time the Live Feed is refreshed. This is because PocketSmith always keeps in sync with the live bank feed data source, and any missing transactions will be created if they're missing from your account.

This ensures that internal balance consistency is always intact - otherwise historical closing balances for each transaction (shown on the right of the Bank Statements page) fall out of sync.

Plans for the future

Transactions will be able to be permanently deleted in the near future. This will mean that transactions that are deleted will remain deleted, even if they still exist on the live bank feed service. There are however a couple of workarounds that you can use in the meantime, described below.

Workaround 1: Categorise to an ignored category

The advantage of this workaround is that your historical balances for the account will continue to be correct, as the transactions still exist - they're just put into a category that you can hide from the application.
  1. Categorise the transactions you want to hide to a dummy category, for example "Business Expenses"
  2. Hide the categories from the Budgets, Cashflows and Dashboard pages, by following the directions in this article

Workaround 2: Set the "Import from" date after deletion

This allows transactions that are deleted to remain deleted, by setting preventing PocketSmith from storing any transactions that have a date of before the import from date set for the account.

We don't highly recommend this option as it means that your historical balances will be inaccurate, however it is a sure-fire way of ensuring deleted transactions will not re-appear.
  1. Delete the transactions you'd like removed from the Transactions page.

  2. Then head to the Account Summary page, and locate the account you deleted the transactions from

  3. Using the Manage Account menu on the account, click Account Preferences

  4. Use the calendar picker to set the Live feed start / import from date to any day after the date of the last transaction deleted

  5. Click the Save these settings button.
Future live feed syncs will no longer pick up any transactions for before the set date, which means the deleted transactions will not re-appear.


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