Send business expenses to Xero

You can submit business expenses from your PocketSmith account to a Xero business account. 

Connecting PocketSmith to Xero

  1. You first need to authorize your PocketSmith account with the Xero account. Go to Settings and then User Preferences and select Xero connection from the left menu.

  2. Click the Connect to Xero button and you will be taken to Xero. Choose the organisation that you want to access with PocketSmith, then click the Authorize button.

  3. You will then be taken back to PocketSmith and you will need to select a Xero user to send the expense claims as. Click the Get users from Xero link.

  4. Select a user from the Xero organisation that you authorized and click the Save button

Sending business expenses to Xero

  1. On the Transactions page, click on the transaction that you want to send to Xero as a business expense.

  2. Click the Send to Xero link.

  3. You can then enter a receipt description, reference and account code. You can also choose to have the receipt submitted for approval immediately. Once the details are correct, click the Send to Xero button.

  4. Your receipt will now appear in Xero as an expense claim.


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