Change the order of Saved Searches, Filters and Category Rules

You can change the order of the Saved Searches, so that the tabs on the Transactions page show in a different order.

You can also change the order of the Filter and Category Rules, so that order that they applied changes. When transactions are received by PocketSmith, newly created ones are checked against your ordered list of filters for matches. When there is a match, the actions are applied to that filter and the transaction is removed from further filter checks. This means that each transaction will only have one filter applied to it, and filters are not sequential.

For this reason, we recommend that you setup your filters so that you give highly specific filters a low order number and more general filters a higher order number. This means that the more specific filters will be applied to matching transactions (e.g. "CASH WITHDRAWAL" merchant, with amount of equal to 200, to be categorized as "Groceries") before more general ones (e.g. "CASH WITHDRAWAL" merchant just being marked as a transfer).

Here is the specific process used when PocketSmith applies your filters:
  • All newly created transactions following the file import / Bank Feed update are gathered
  • The first filter (with the lowest order number) checks this group of transactions for any matches
  • If there is a match, those transactions are removed from the group and the filter's actions are applied
  • The next filter then checks against the transaction group (which no longer has any matches from previously applied filters)
  • Because a transaction will only have one filter applied to it - the first one that it matches - you're able to have a cascading set of filters which picks out more specific cases at the start, with more catch-all-type filters at the end.
These filters could even be speculative - searching for things you may expect in the future and applying general categories. An example of this would be having a high-order-number filter which searches for "cafe" and assigns it to a "Lunches" category.

Changing the order of Saved Searches, Filters and Category Rules

  1. Go to the Settings menu and then select Category Rules, Saved Searches & Filters

  2. Select Saved Searches, Filters or Category Rules from the left menu

  3. When you move your mouse over an item it will change to a move cursor, you can then click and hold on the item you want to move, then drag and drop it in the order you want


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