Dashboard overview

The Dashboard page collates a lot of the information from the different areas of PocketSmith into one place. This helps to provide an overview of your finances.

You can change the layout of the section cards by choosing from View type in the toolbar, for more details see the article: Change the view of the Dashboard

The Dashboard is split into the following sections:


The alerts section will show an alert, if you have a minimum balance alert on an account and the account is forecasted to go below the minimum balance.

It will also show an alert if any expense budgets are nearly or over the budgeted amount and if any income budgets are under the budgeted amount. 

  • A minimum balance alert and an expense budget over the budgeted amount will show in red 

  • An expense budget that is close to going over the budgeted amount will show in orange 

  • For more details about the alerts sections, see the article: 'Alerts' on the Dashboard

Your net worth and forecast

This is a graph that displays the total actual balances of all of your accounts, assets and liabilities as far back as 3 months. This is shown in either green or red, depending if the balance is positive or negative.

In blue, your total forecasted balances are shown for up to the next 3 months.

  • The amounts on the vertical axis are the minimum and maximum balances for the period of the graph

  • A daily forecast balance is shown for the next 30 days, it then shows a weekly forecast balance

  • Hovering over a point on the graph will show the date and the balance
If you don't want the graph to show on your Dashboard, you can hide it by clicking Net worth graph in the toolbar. For more details, see the article: Hide the net worth and forecast graph from the Dashboard

Your accounts

The accounts section lists all of your accounts, assets and liabilities. 

For more details about the accounts section, see the article: 'Your accounts' on the Dashboard

Recent activity

The recent activity section shows your recent transactions. The transactions shown are the 14 days before your latest transaction.

  • In the top right, from what date forwards are the transactions 

  • The transactions are grouped by date

  • The transactions are listed with:
  • Merchant name

  • Account the transaction is in

  • Amount of the transaction

Earning and spending

The earning and spending section has a donut chart that shows a breakdown of your transactions by category, as well as the total expense and income amounts for the period.

  • The income transactions are on the inner ring and the expense transactions are on the outer ring

  • The category name and amount is shown, when hovering on a section of the donut

  • Clicking on a section of the donut chart will open a new tab of the Transactions page, showing the transactions that make up the section

  • You can hide a category from the chart, see the article: Hide a category on the Dashboard chart
  • The bottom left has the total amount of the income categories, the total amount of the expense categories and the total amount of the transactions

Your active budgets

The active budgets section shows all of your budget categories that have transactions assigned during the current budget period.

For more details about the budgets section, see the article: 'Your active budgets' on the Dashboard

Your next 7 days

The next 7 days section shows the budget events that will occur within 7 days of today.

  • The budget events are listed with:
  • Date of the budget event

  • Budget category

  • Budgeted amount

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