'Alerts' on the Dashboard

The alerts section will show an alert, if you have a minimum balance alert on an account and the account is forecasted to go below the minimum balance.

It will also show an alert if any expense budgets are nearly or over the budgeted amount and if any income budgets are under the budgeted amount. 

  • A minimum balance alert and an expense budget over the budgeted amount will show in red 

  • An expense budget that is close to going over the budgeted amount will show in orange 

  • Minimum balance alerts are listed with:
  • Name of the account

  • Predicted balance that is under the minimum balance

  • The minimum balance that has been set for the account

  • Date it is predicted to go under the minimum balance

  • Expense budget alerts are listed with:
  • Budget category

  • Percentage of the budgeted amount used or over budget

  • Remaining budgeted amount or amount over budget

  • End date of budget period

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