Chase, BOA - Pending transactions not showing

Yodlee are not able to provide pending transactions for either Bank of America and Chase banks. We've pursued the issue with them over the past 12 months, however the data feed that they receive from each of the respective banks does not contain pending transactions at this stage.

Discussions continue with Yodlee to try and pressure the banks to start to pass pending transactions through, however progress has been slow. 

This causes an issue with the past balances being incorrect

There is a known issue with some institution Live Feeds where the current balance is correct on the account but the past balances are incorrect. 

This issue is caused pending transactions that aren't imported into PocketSmith. The current balance which is provided by the Live Feed has been adjusted by the pending transactions but the pending transactions are not imported. As the past balances are calculated back from the current balance, this makes the past balances incorrect due to the missing pending transactions.

As a workaround, you can change the balance settings to use the 'Calculated Closing Balance', see the article: The balance options for an account. This will then base the current balance of the currently imported transactions and not the missing pending transactions like the Live Feed balance.

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