Known issues for the mobile app beta

The PocketSmith Companion mobile app is currently in beta testing. Like all beta software, you are likely to come across bugs and other issues. We will be documenting any known issues with the apps here.
  • You can't set a PIN code for extra protection yet. Implementation of a PIN system is mostly complete, however we've encountered some platform specific issues. These will be resolved soon.

  • Emoji characters (utf8mb4) are not yet supported. We're working on this, and will also extend the main application to also support Emoji.

  • iOS: When you're taken back to the transaction list after editing a transaction, any updates you made won't be reflected until the list is refreshed. Don’t worry, your edits have been saved! This issue has been fixed, but will only be rolled out when Apple re-opens Testflight submissions on the 29th of December.

  • Android: You may experience a crash when re-opening the app. Dismissing the crash notification will let you continue without any issues. This is related to the framework we're using, and will hopefully be resolved soon.

If you spot any issues, or just want to let us know about your experience with the beta, please get in touch on

If you would like to join the beta, please head to and follow the instructions from there.

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