1 - Import your transactions

The first thing that you should do when starting PocketSmith is import your transactions. You will then be able to categorize these transactions to see your historical spending and then create budgets to forecast your future.

If can import your transactions from other applications, from a Bank Feed or transaction files downloaded from your bank.

Importing from other applications

If you have been using another program or website to manage your finances previously, you may want to import the transactions from these other applications, if so have a look at the guides below.
Once you have imported your transactions and accounts, you can then connect the accounts to a Bank Feed.

Importing from a Bank Feed

If you want to import your transactions from a Bank Feed, follow the guide at: Setting up a Bank Feed.

Bank Feeds will only import transactions from the last few months, so if you want transactions from further back, you can backfill the transactions by importing transaction files.

Importing from transaction files

If we don't currently support Bank Feeds from your bank, you can still import your transactions with the transaction files downloaded from your bank. If you have a choice of file type, select OFX if available, then QIF and then CSV if the only option left.

Once you have downloaded the transaction files from your bank, you can then upload them to PocketSmith, as shown in the guide at: Importing your accounts & transactions from your bank or another app

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