2 - Categorize your transactions

Once you have imported your transactions, you will need to categorize your transactions. If you have imported your transactions from another application, they may already be categorized. If using a Bank Feed, your transactions will be categorized automatically by our Bank Feed provider by default.

You can decide to create your categories before or during categorizing your transactions. If you want to create your categories beforehand, see the article: Adding new categories. Otherwise you can just add new transactions while categorizing your existing transactions.

Automatically categorize your transactions with Filters and Category Rules

The best way to categorize your existing transactions, as well automating categorization of your future transactions is by creating Filters and Category Rules.

Filters allow you to use the powerful search criteria to categorize or edit your transactions. See the article: Using Filters to automatically categorize and edit transactions

Category Rules are a type of Filter that just categorizes transactions. See the article: Using Category Rules to automatically categorize transactions

Manually categorize your transactions

You can categorize an individual transaction or multiple transactions at a time. 

To categorize a single transaction, see the article: Edit a transaction

To categorize many transactions in bulk, see the article: Categorize your transactions

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