Account limits

The different PocketSmith plans have different account limits. The Free plan has a 2 account limit, the Premium plan has a 10 account limit and the Super plan has no account limit.

What accounts count towards the account limit?

It is only transaction accounts that count towards the account limit. A transaction account is an account created when starting a PocketSmith account with the checklist or from the Account Summary page. This is an account that has transactions imported from the Bank Feed, transaction file or manually added, as well as accounts with the scenario balance option that don't have transactions imported.

But if you group transaction accounts together, only the grouped account count towards the account limit. For example, if you group 5 accounts together into 1 grouped account, this counts only as 1 account towards your account limit.

Asset and liabilities created on the Net Worth page don't count towards the account limit. As these have more restricted functionality compared to transaction accounts.

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