Starting PocketSmith with only manual or scenario accounts

The checklist when creating a new PocketSmith account only currently provides Bank Feeds and transaction files as a way of creating your accounts. If you want to create an account with just manual transaction or without transactions and just use the calendar with a scenario balance account, it is a bit more of a process. We are planning on adding the ability to do this from the checklist.

If you are only using a scenario account and the Calendar, the checklist will still show on the Dashboard. You just need to add a dummy transaction for this to disappear, see the steps below.

Steps to create a manual or scenario account

1. Go to the Account Summary page with the link, as this won't show in the menu

2. Click on New Institution in the sidebar

3. Enter the name for the institution and adjust the currency if needed, then select Accounts from a file import and then click the Save button

4. Add the details for the new account and then click the Save and continue button

5. It now asks to upload a file, but this can be closed by clicking the X 

6. The account has now been created and you can now add manual transactions or use the Calendar with a scenario-only account

Steps to remove the checklist

1. Go to the Accounts menu and select Transactions

2. Hover on Add in the toolbar, then on Manual input, then select an account

3. Enter the details of a dummy transaction, and click the Save all transactions button

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