Overview of migrating from ANZ MoneyManager to PocketSmith

It's easy to retain all of your transaction history when getting set up in PocketSmith. Just use a CSV file containing your exported transactions from ANZ Money Manager.

This guide will take you through the steps involved in migrating over to PocketSmith.

Here's an outline of the steps you'll be taking:
  1. Exporting your CSV file from ANZ Money Manager with all of your transactions
  2. Importing this CSV file into PocketSmith to populate your historical transactions and categories
  3. Adding your bank feeds to prepare to sync new transactions (Premium and Super accounts)
  4. Connecting your new bank feed accounts to your imported accounts
If you don't have a Premium or Super account, or don't want to have a bank feed for your transactions, you can also import files downloaded from ANZ or any other bank to keep your transactions up-to-date. We accept OFX, QIF and CSV file formats from any bank.

Next Step: Exporting your CSV file from ANZ Money Manager

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