Migrating from ANZ Money Manager, Step 1: Export your transactions CSV file

This article contains the first step for ANZ Money Manager users who wish to transfer to PocketSmith. Head here if you'd like to see an overview of the process.

You're able to download all of your transaction history from ANZ Money Manager in a single CSV file. This file will contain all of your transaction history, categorisations, custom transaction descriptions and account names that you've compiled over the years.

Follow the steps below to download this CSV file in a way that ensures all your data is intact.
  1. Log into ANZ Money Manager, at https://secure.anzmoneymanager.com/apps/login.anz.do?_flowId=login

  2. From the front page, navigate to Transactions > All Accounts. This ensures that all your accounts are included in your exported CSV file.

  3. From the search toolbar, check that All My Accounts, All Categories and All Transactions are selected in the drop-down menus, for "Accounts", "Category" and "Time Period" respectively.

  4. Click the Show button if you needed to change any of these.

  5. Scroll to the bottom right of the page, and click on the Export Transactions button

  6. Save the downloaded CSV to somewhere convenient.
Now that you have all your transactions exported from ANZ Money Manager, you can now import these into PocketSmith!

Next Step: Import ANZ Money Manager CSV file into PocketSmith

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