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  1. 'Alerts' on the Dashboard

  2. 'Files edited in Excel may not work correctly' warning

  3. 'Invalid date' error when uploading a CSV file

  4. 'Your accounts' on the Dashboard

  5. 'Your active budgets' on the Dashboard

  6. 1 - Import your transactions

  7. 2 - Categorize your transactions

  8. A. Set up your first account, and import its transactions

  9. About Google Login

  10. Account limits

  11. Accounts don't appear immediately after connecting a Bank Feed

  12. Add a new account

  13. Add Labels to transactions

  14. Adding a liability to Net Worth

  15. Adding an asset to Net Worth

  16. Adding more credentials or another customer ID to an existing Bank Feed?

  17. Adding new categories

  18. Adding the PayPal Bank Feed

  19. Alert when forecasted balance is below minimum balance

  20. Allowing re-import of deleted live bank feed transactions

  21. Applying changes options for recurring budgets

  22. Archiving and keeping transactions for closed accounts

  23. Automatic categorization of your transactions from the Bank Feed

  24. B. Set up other accounts at the same institution

  25. Balance correction events on the calendar

  26. Balance graph shows big difference between forecasted and actual balances

  27. Bank Feed known issues

  28. Bank Feeds only imports last few months transactions

  29. Before you start: explore a sample account

  30. Best transaction file types to import, from OFX to CSV

  31. Bill reminder emails

  32. Brackets around negative values

  33. Budget events not changing the forecast balance on the calendar

  34. Budget periods for recurring budgets

  35. C. Set up an account at another institution

  36. Capital One 360 Bank Feed instructions

  37. Cashflows overview

  38. Categories changing back or disappearing on some transactions

  39. Categorize items page

  40. Categorize your transactions

  41. Caveats and to-dos for multi-currency beta

  42. Change a single budget event for a recurring budget

  43. Change only future budget events for a recurring budget

  44. Change the account type

  45. Change the balance settings for an account

  46. Change the category order

  47. Change the daily forecast balance on the calendar

  48. Change the date range for the 'Earning and spending' section

  49. Change the email address on your PocketSmith account

  50. Change the interest settings for an account

  51. Change the name of an account

  52. Change the order accounts are displayed

  53. Change the order of Saved Searches, Filters and Category Rules

  54. Change the refund behaviour for a category

  55. Change the scenarios shown on the calendar

  56. Change the view of the Dashboard

  57. Change what is shown on the cashflow statement

  58. Changing the details and settings of an account

  59. Changing the details of an asset or liability

  60. Changing the merchant name of a transaction

  61. Changing your displayed name in PocketSmith

  62. Chase, BOA - Pending transactions not showing

  63. Clearing the Mobile Browser Cache

  64. Color blindness and the colors used in PocketSmith

  65. Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) pending transactions

  66. Create new scenarios or delete existing scenarios

  67. Creating a budget

  68. Creating a transfer budget

  69. Creating or syncing accounts, once Bank Feeds are connected

  70. D. Set up your categories

  71. Dashboard overview

  72. Dealing with cash transactions

  73. Dealing with transfers between accounts

  74. Delete a Saved Search, Filter or Category Rule

  75. Delete an account from PocketSmith

  76. Deleted transactions behaviour for accounts with a Bank Feed

  77. Deleted transactions keep returning

  78. Deleting a bank

  79. Deleting a transaction

  80. E. Categorize your transactions

  81. Edit a transaction

  82. Edit many transactions in bulk

  83. Editing a category

  84. Editing Saved Searches, Filters and Category Rules

  85. Error message about Account Code, when sending transaction to Xero

  86. Excluded dates for a recurring budget

  87. Export specific transactions

  88. Exporting all of your transactions

  89. Extend the time period of the forecast graph

  90. F. Check your cashflow statement

  91. Find and edit the Filter that was applied to a transaction

  92. Find the original merchant name for a transaction

  93. G. Start your budgets

  94. Getting Started with PocketSmith

  95. Grouped accounts balance correction calculation

  96. Hide a category on the 'Earning and spending' chart

  97. Hide a category on the cashflow statement

  98. Hide a category on the Income & Expense statement

  99. Hide an account or scenario from the cashflow statement

  100. Hide and unhide accounts from a Bank Feed

  101. Hide the net worth and forecast graph from the Dashboard

  102. How do I add a new account type to a live bank feed?

  103. How do I add a password to my Google created Pocketsmith account?

  104. How do I avoid duplicates when connecting a Bank Feed to an existing account?

  105. How do I become a beta tester?

  106. How do I change my password?

  107. How do I change my subscription?

  108. How do I change the ignored and hidden categories?

  109. How do I change the timezone of my account?

  110. How do I check my current PocketSmith subscription?

  111. How do I create sub-categories?

  112. How do I delete a category?

  113. How do I delete an account type from a Live Feed?

  114. How do I delete, or cancel, my account?

  115. How do I edit a budget?

  116. How do I find the actual amount vs budgeted amount for a category?

  117. How do I fix live feed '401', '403' and '408' errors?

  118. How do I hide or stop a category from being displayed?

  119. How do I import Live Feed transactions from a certain date?

  120. How do I invite someone to access and manage my account?

  121. How do I link my account to my Google login?

  122. How do I make a feed not automatically refresh?

  123. How do I print pages and reports?

  124. How do I remove a live bank feed connection?

  125. How do I set my currency?

  126. How do I set up account update emails?

  127. How do I unlink a Live Bank Feed from an account?

  128. How do I update the credit card used for payment?

  129. How does PocketSmith connect to Yodlee?

  130. How often Bank Feeds are updated

  131. How to access PocketSmith Mobile with a Google-created account

  132. How to edit the credentials of your Live Bank Feed?

  133. How to group accounts together

  134. How to set up multi-currency support

  135. How to use Labels for transactions

  136. I don't like purple, can I change the color?

  137. I have hidden a category, how do I unhide it from a page?

  138. I've forgotten my password, how can I login?

  139. Importing transactions into PocketSmith

  140. Importing your accounts & transactions from Mint

  141. Importing your accounts & transactions from Quicken

  142. Importing your accounts & transactions from Xero Personal

  143. Importing your accounts & transactions from your bank or another app

  144. Incorrect forecast when transaction doesn't occur on same day as budget

  145. Information about Yodlee, the Bank Feed Service and Security

  146. Introduction to multi-currency support in PocketSmith

  147. KeyBank (US) Bank Feed instructions

  148. Kiwibank - Unauthorized login attempt

  149. Known issues for the mobile app beta

  150. Live feed account vs offline account

  151. Manage money owing towards an asset

  152. Manually add transactions to an account

  153. Manually trigger a Bank Feed refresh

  154. Marking transactions as transfers

  155. Migrating from ANZ Money Manager, Step 1: Export your transactions CSV file

  156. Migrating from ANZ Money Manager, Step 3: Add your bank feeds

  157. Migrating from ANZ Money Manager, Step 4: Connect bank feed accounts to imported accounts

  158. More specific repeat options for recurring budgets

  159. Move an account to another bank

  160. Move transactions to another account

  161. Moving a bank feed to another bank

  162. Moving a budget event to another month on the calendar

  163. Multi-currency features available in beta

  164. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) on Live Feeds

  165. My account balance is in credit, when it should be in debit?

  166. My live feed is broken and showing an error code. How long will it take for it to be fixed?

  167. Name a grouped account differently from the primary account

  168. Nationwide - Memorable Data

  169. Net Worth improvements: October 2015

  170. Net Worth overview

  171. Only using the calendar in PocketSmith and not importing transactions

  172. Overlap options when uploading a transaction file

  173. Overview of the Income & Expense statement

  174. Past budget events not showing on the calendar

  175. Pending transactions from the Live Feed

  176. Print the calendar

  177. Private Browsing and offline storage

  178. Recalculate the forecast manually when editing the calendar

  179. Recurring budgets

  180. Refund behaviour options

  181. Remember a category for a merchant

  182. Remove transfers from the transactions pie chart

  183. Rename or delete a Label

  184. Reset and clear your account data

  185. Restoring the original merchant name to a transaction

  186. Reverse amounts checkbox for file uploads

  187. Reviewing imported transactions

  188. Safe Balance beta: what it does and how it works

  189. Safe Balance quirks and known issues

  190. Schedule payments that occur on the 1st and 15th of the month

  191. Searching your transactions

  192. Send business expenses to Xero

  193. Setting up a Bank Feed

  194. Setting up budgets and creating a forecast

  195. Setting up goals for savings

  196. Splitting a transaction

  197. Starting PocketSmith with only manual or scenario accounts

  198. Stop new categories from automatically appearing

  199. Summary section of the cashflow statement

  200. The 'Scenario balance' option

  201. The balance options for an account

  202. The wrong transaction dates when uploading a QIF file

  203. Tips for offline support in PocketSmith Mobile

  204. Transaction dates are wrong when importing a CSV file

  205. Transactions page overview

  206. Transactions page pie chart

  207. Transactions uncategorized when imported from Live Feed

  208. Transactions with "&amp" in the merchant name

  209. Unable to drag-and-drop categories or the transaction pop-up doesn't show in Chrome

  210. Ungrouping accounts

  211. Upload a transaction file into an existing account

  212. Using Category Rules to automatically categorize transactions

  213. Using Filters to automatically categorize and edit transactions

  214. Using scenarios for forecasting

  215. Using secondary scenarios

  216. View the transactions for a category from the cashflow statement

  217. Viewing all the transactions in a category

  218. Viewing the actual transactions & balances on the calendar

  219. Viewing the forecast calendar in an external application or website

  220. Westpac (New Zealand) 402 error

  221. What applications are supported for two factor authentication?

  222. What can I do while waiting for Yodlee to fix my bank feed?

  223. What does the "Restore Accounts page do?

  224. What happens when transactions are in different accounts, when the budget is only on 1 account?

  225. What is two factor authentication and how do I set it up?

  226. What should I avoid while Yodlee is fixing my bank feed?

  227. Where are the invoices for my subscription payments?

  228. Who is Yodlee?

  229. Why am I not receiving emails from PocketSmith?

  230. Why do I get "Mobile site not available if two factor authentication is enabled"?

  231. Why is my PocketSmith Subscription different from the amount I signed up for?

  232. Why is there an additional $1 charge on my credit card?

  233. Why was my credit card declined when funds are available? I'm getting an error message?

  234. ‘Sorry, date detection failed’ error when uploading a CSV file

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